Ring Dip Training

Training Dips on the rings is integral to success in bodyweight movements from handstands and planches to simple jump throughs on your yoga mat. Training the rings builds raw explosive power in your entire upper body. If you're looking to take your fitness to another level, the rings are for you. Ring dip training heavily targets the abs, chest, shoulders and arms, and helps you achieve the v-taper so sought after in the fitness community. Get started today with this clip.

What you will need 

- Gymnastics Rings
- Place to hang the rings (Tree branch, pullup bar, 2x4 on a structure)
- Bench or chair to help support you dipping


If you are new to the rings, chances are good that you will need a bench or chair under the rings to support your bodyweight. When you use the bench or chair, put as much weight in your arms as you can, and the rest of your bodyweight is supported by the legs.

Three sets of 3-5 dips to warm-up and get the blood flowing. Make sure you dynamically stretch between warm-up sets.


3-10 sets of 10-15 dips

Use the bench if necessary. Use proper form.

Explode from the bottom of the dip to build explosive power, and squeeze pause at the top to help work on your straight arm holds. The rings work all of the small stabilizing muscles that don't often get worked in a traditional gym workout, so expect rings to be very challenging if you are new, even if you are very strong.

Enjoy training ring dips,

Andrew Morris