How To Practice Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation, often known as Metta Meditation, can be practiced in countless ways. I want to share with you the most effective way I have found to practice this timeless meditation technique.

Find a comfortable seat, on the ground, a prop, chair or otherwise and get settled in. Many people believe you have to be in a serene tranquil environment to meditate, but you can be anywhere that you can take a moment to focus the mind and heart. Once you've found your place, take the thumb and forefinger to touch on each hand, into Gyan Mudra. Sit tall, and place the right hand over the heart, and the left hand on the crown of the head. From our heart, we radiate our love, joy, and compassion out to the world. From our crown, we receive love back from the world. The right hand gives and the left hand receives. Breathe deep and allow the love to flow. Sit in this way until you feel that you have sufficiently channeled and are ready to get up. Before you close your practice, bring your hands to heart center, palms touching (Namaskar Mudra) and bow the chin to the chest. This symbolizes the completion of your practice and your reverence for all that is.

The meditation technique can be done while focused on one single person, a family, community, group of people, or the world as a whole. It is important that you both give and receive love so you do not drain yourself and can continue to serve in this way. There is no time requirement to practice Metta Meditation. It can be practiced for a second, or an hour, whatever length of time you are compelled to channel love.

I sincerely hope you enjoy practicing one of the purest meditations known to mankind,

-Andrew Morris