Interview with Yuri Marmerstein

International Hand Balance Extraordinaire, Author of "Balancing the Equation"


About Yuri: 

Yuri is a professional acrobat based out of Las Vegas who originally came from a self-taught background and only started training as an adult. He has performed on the Las Vegas Strip and on Broadway. In addition, he is the author of the ebook "Balancing the Equation"; a full breakdown of the process of learning how to perform a handstand as an adult.

Over the years, Yuri's training has included martial arts, gymnastics, circus arts, capoeira, weightlifting, and dance among other disciplines. This gives him a unique perspective on how to teach the skills to anyone regardless of level, age or background. The last few years Yuri has been traveling the world teaching and sharing his knowledge with different communities.




The Interview

Andrew: What is the #1 thing you do to maintain your health??

Yuri: The number one thing I do is not a thing, but a concept, try to adapt.
What I do for my health now is different than what I did a few years ago and I have no doubts it will keep changing and evolving. 

Andrew: Where is your favorite place in the world?

Yuri: Honestly, I am not one for picking favorites. First off, I have not yet been everywhere I would like to go. Second, I may not have had the full experience in the places I have been.  Therefore I feel like I need to amass a better inventory of places before I feel ready to pick a favorite.

Andrew: Beach or Mountains?

Yuri: Either is good for me, but being a pale ginger I can probably make better use of the mountains. I do enjoy the beach but also would need to spend a lot of my time there chasing the shade.

Andrew: Was there one moment or event that set you on track for a healthy lifestyle?

Yuri:  Many, but here are two moments that stand out to me currently:
-Sustaining multiple injuries and having to stick to doing only rehab exercises for a couple months instead of my regular physical practice
-Getting really sick while on tour; traveling made it much more difficult to get better and it was very stressful as I still had obligations to uphold.

Andrew: What ONE thing would you recommend everyone should do daily?

Yuri: No idea. Everyone is different and they can do their own thing.
I personally like to nap every day and while I do recommend it to others I understand it's not for everyone.

Andrew: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Yuri:  Everywhere really. There is not any kind of single source I have drawn inspiration from but an infinite multitude. Inspiration can be found anywhere if you know how to look for it.

Andrew: Can you sum up your philosophy on health in one sentence?

Yuri: Nothing is constant. Be open to change, the unknown, and paradox. Work hard but take time to relax. Be strict but not too strict. Set good habits and break them occasionally. Find something that genuinely interests you and pursue it. Avoid over-thinking and setting expectations.

Don't get used to being comfortable. Try to learn a lesson from every experience.