Interview with Myriam Valenzuela

Founder of Organic Skin Care + Owner of Aloha Yoga and Hula

About Myriam:

Myriam is a vegan, animal lover, pacifist, and passionate about health and fitness. The owner at Aloha Yoga and Hula, and founder of Organic Skin Care.

She believes in the power of Mother Earth to bring healing to our body, mind and spirit. Well known for teaching powerful and upbeat classes, she loves variety and is passionate about challenging and encouraging her students to discover their own light, strength and grace.

Myriam has been a dancer since age four and a yoga practicioner for 14 years, with 12 years of teaching experience.


Youtube: Alohikea (try this

The Interview

Andrew: What is the #1 thing you do to maintain your health??

Myriam: Veganism, Iʻve found myself stronger, healthier, happier than 20 years ago, and this is only the beginning.

Andrew: Where is your favorite place in the world?

Myriam: Where my babies are. (My children are older, but still call them babies)

Andrew: Beach or Mountains?

Myriam: Beach!

Andrew: Was there one moment or event that set you on track for a healthy lifestyle?

Myriam: I have always been interested in nutrition, however, one thing led to another. My dance practice led to yoga, yoga led to veganism. Just consistency keeps opening new doors.

Andrew: What ONE thing would you recommend everyone should do daily?

Myriam: Learn, never stop learning. Not in a school, but from life, your own practice, your breath, nature, silence, other people. Read.

Andrew: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Myriam: Primarily God, just look around at His majestic creation, endless lessons there. Books. My own practice.

Andrew: Can you sum up your philosophy on health in one sentence?

Myriam: Live with faith and abundance of the goodness that God has given us in nature.