Interview with Murphy Atanda

Elite Contortionist


About Murphy:

From Nigeria, Murphy is a contortionist and Yogi who dazzles people all over the world with his incredible talents. He is currently in school studying technology.

The Interview

Andrew: What is the #1 thing you do to maintain your health??

Murphy: I choose exercise, because I feel good when doing that.

Andrew: Where is your favorite place in the world?

Murphy: The United Kingdom

Andrew: Beach or Mountains?

Murphy: Beach

Andrew: Was there one moment or event that set you on track for a healthy lifestyle?

Murphy: Yes! When I fell down the stairs, I realized I was very flexible.

Andrew: What ONE thing would you recommend everyone should do daily?

Murphy: Like I said, I love exercise a lot, so I would recommend everyone should do that.

Andrew: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Murphy: Movies!

Andrew: Can you sum up your philosophy on health in one sentence?

Murphy: Healthy life.