Interview with James O'Connor

Founder of Team James O'Connor + BJJ Blackbelt + Youtube Sensation


About James:
My names is James O’Connor and I have Blackbelts in Brazilian JiuJitsu and TaeKwonDo. I own an academy and create FREE online content to help others improve movement and their BJJ practice.



The Interview

Andrew: What is the #1 thing you do to maintain your health?

James: I would say Brazilian JiuJitsu is the foundation of my Fitness.  It’s my moving meditation, practice of breath work, cardio vascular endurance, and strength training.   All in one session. 

Andrew: Where is your favorite place in the world?

James: If I’m not on the mats doing BJJ, I place the next priority barefoot in the grass anywhere. I find solace in any kind of nature. A small patch of grass in a park, a hike in the woods, or a beach. 

Andrew: Beach or Mountains?

James: Mountains with beach in the valleys. 

Andrew: Was there one moment or event that set you on track for a healthy lifestyle?

James: After my first few weeks of Martial Arts classes, I became obsessed with developing my body!!

Andrew: What ONE thing would you recommend everyone should do daily?

James: Walk in nature and disconnect from their phone. 

Andrew: Where do you draw inspiration from?

James: My greatest source of inspiration comes from fasted nature time. 

Andrew: Can you sum up your philosophy on health in one sentence?

James: There is no one answer for everybody concerning diet or exercise. My suggestion is try something for 30 days DISCIPLINED! Then evaluate after 30 days and see if you should adopt it.