1 Minute to Reduce Stress


Want to significantly lower your stress levels? Join me in this short and potent practice to calm the mind and body.

Benefits of meditation include:

Lower Stress Levels
Improved Mood
Greater Sense of Purpose
Blood Pressure Regulation
Bolstered Immune System
Improved Memory
Greater Attention Span
Decreased Symptoms of Pain and Inflammation
Improved Sleep

It's hard to list all of the scientifically backed benefits of meditation because there are so many. And the best part is that you don't have to sell your possessions and move to the Himalayas to pet Yaks (although that does sound nice), or spend 2 hours a day in a quiet room with candles lit (which also sounds nice) to practice. No matter who you are, everyone has 1 minute to meditate, and that's all it takes.


-Andrew Morris