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Hi! I'm really glad you've found my little corner of the vast internet. On this site, I sincerely hope to inspire you to practice, enjoy, and love yoga like I do. The ancient practice of Yoga changed my life in amazing ways, from relieving stubborn back and shoulder pain that plagued me for years before yoga, to helping me become a kinder, more well-rounded human being. If you're new to Yoga, I want you to know that it can be practiced by anyone -no matter your health, age, or fitness level. A desire to better yourself and only a minute a day, (really, one minute a day) can be the springboard to feeling better and living the life you crave. This website is designed so that you can learn, FOR FREE, about the amazing benefits of yoga from anywhere in the world. Please visit the >>> Yoga Resources <<< tab for continually updated free yoga content. I look forward to helping you succeed in your yoga journey.

If you are a yoga veteran,  yoga teacher, or studio owner, I want to help you take your practice to the next level with advanced courses in anatomy, pranayama, asana, mudra, kriya, bandha, sanskrit, philosophy, business, history, and beyond. There is lots of free content for you to peruse, but if you are interested in a deep study of Yoga as a complete discipline with me either online or in person, please visit the >>> Online Learning Portal <<< or the >>> Classes/Workshops/Teacher Trainings <<< tab. Yoga changed my life, and my true passion is helping others experience the full benefits of this practice. I look forward to helping you grow your practice, from a deep knowledge of the Vedas, to mastering the press handstand.


- Andrew Morris

Founder, Yoga Mecca LLC


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 Looking for FREE, educational, online yoga content that's continually updated every week so you can grow your practice and transform your life?

Then click here: >>> Yoga Resources Page <<<  to get content such as: Full Length Yoga Classes, Top 5 Guides, Pranayama Practices, Meditation Techniques, Posture Breakdowns, Bodyweight Fitness Tutorials, Anatomy Guides, Business of Yoga Lectures, plus more.

Want to learn from me in person?

Then click here: >>> Classes/Workshops/Teacher Trainings <<<  to find out when, where and how you can study with me in the flesh.

Interested in Online Yoga Education?

Then click here: >>>  Online Learning Portal <<< I love to provide tons of free yoga resources, but for students looking to really deepen their practice and also receive continuing education that is mandatory for teachers looking to remain certified, head here for more.